Music:Linked - experimental project using JamLink

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Music:Linked - experimental project using JamLink (in Dutch)

Music:Linked is a cooperation between the University of Twente, ArtEZ Conservatory and Pop Academy, several other partners from Enschede, The Netherlands and the electro-pop band Stefany June (
The project serves as an illustration of new ways of distributing music.
We've used JamLink-technology to let a singer perform in front of a live audience while the rest of the band is playing at other locations. In addition, the audience participated in the concert by moving around a virtual square. Their positions were tracked in three dimensions with a special motion detection camera, which in turn manipulates the sound of the performance (using Ableton Live).

It was *really* cool and the project will be repeated at an even larger scale for the official celebration of the 50th anniversary of the University of Twente in September.


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