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Good way to gain safewow gold wow with $8 cash coupon
Tolkien's [url=][b]gold wow buy[/b][/url] Lord of the Rings trilogy, game developer Turbine wanted to make sure it was not too intimidating for newcomers to the massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) genre. The Lord of the Rings: The Shadows of Angmar, launch Tuesday, is certain to attract many novices in addition to hard core gamers. Tolkien's franchise has resulted in more than 200 million books sold globally and $3.5 billion in box office revenue not to mention tens of millions of DVDs sold. SCREENSHOTS: Peek inside the game "One of the objects was to make it easy for game players of all different skill levels," says Jeff Anderson, president and CEO of Turbine, which spent four years creating the game. "Access was a key consideration." To see if the game makers were successful, I decided to make my first full fledged leap into an MMORPG game. I had seen intricate demonstrations of popular role playing games such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest and Neverwinter Nights before but had never taken the time to create a character on my own and invest some time in advancing it in a persistent online world. (I much prefer to "drive" an already created character in games such as Doom and Call of Duty.) As a Tolkien fan, this seemed to be the ideal time. I've read the trilogy several times and thoroughly enjoyed the films and the extended edition DVDs. This game is based on and parallels the events in the books. The game begins with Frodo and Sam leaving the Shire with the One Ring. Game content is constantly added as the interweaving plots play out. Last week, I joined the game's Beta test along with about 1 million others. Once you download the game, you create a character from the races of Man, Elf, Dwarf or Hobbit (men and elves can be male or female). Each race has several classes (such as hunter, captain and minstrel) from which you must choose. I named my Hobbit of the guardian class, Darnoc (a combination of the name Darnell for one of my favorite basketball players and a suffix " noc" that is common to hobbits). Each race has 3 5 places of origin, such as Rivendell (elves), Blue Mountains (dwarves) and Gondor (men) it can hail from. Origin affects appearance, but you can do more customization. I chose to randomize my character's look and get into the game. My first stop is at a post office. I'm told a letter I wanted mailed could not be delivered because the town, Archet, is besieged by ruffians. I must investigate. This is the first of several introductory single player missions that teach you how to play the game. (Archet is a town near Bree, the town where the Hobbits met up with Strider/Aragorn). Over several hours of gameplay, my hobbit learned to make his way through the world and fight his way out of troubles. As I leave town, the night is threateningly dark. Hoot owls sound off and I come around a corner to see one of the black riders (Nazgul) talking to someone. Above his head is the name "Bounder Boffin." The rider takes off and he asks me not to leave and I realize I'm supposed to talk to him, but I forgot how. I type in "Who was that I saw you talking to?" Nothing. I check my manual and see that I need only right click to communicate. He gives me a hatchet and shield to accompany him along the road. Soon we're fighting off spiders that block our path. (You highlight and click to do battle.) As I meet more NPCs (non playing characters that are part of the game), I learn that the Blackwolds, local supporters of the dark lord Sauron are expanding their power and have infiltrated the garrison. Amdir, a ranger like Aragorn, asks me to pass along some intel. Along the way I learn to defeat multiple human foes. The environments are vividly rendered with rich sound effects. Text comments from players who sounded like MMORPG vets approved of the experience. Newcomers will want to make sure to visit trainers (NPCs that bestow new powers on your character) after graduating from one level to the next. Otherwise, they will miss out on gaining certain skills. I learned the hard way when I forgot and skipped three skills (a sweeping cut, guardian's defense and shield swipe) that probably would have come in handy in my battle against the Blackwolds as they burned Archet's town center. In the end, it took me three tries to prevail. Twice, I had to retreat and experience a "feeling of dread" for 10 real world minutes, during which I was more susceptible to evil. Interestingly, the game tried to cheer me up. "A minor defeat can be shrugged off like water upon stone," it told me. Seeing that, I think back to something Anderson said during a visit at our offices earlier in the month. Within the game, he said, "we're trying to bring Tolkien's virtues to light." A deeply religious professor of languages, Tolkien had faith in the morality teaching power of myths. He probably would be heartened by this modern day expression of his work. For myself, I look forward to exploring the game more deeply and finding fellowship along the way. Players will have 50 levels to conquer, as well as 400 skills. Players can make clothes or jewelry to sell in the game. "They will be creating an economy," Anderson says. In total, the game expanse measures 50 million square meters with 400 points of interest. There may be 5,000 10,000 players at a time on the various host systems. Players can form fellowships, kinships (guilds) and even families. In addition to raids, players can spar in one on one duels. You can also play as a monster such as a spider or Orc. What do you think of the Rings game? Does it measure up to your expectations for a multiplayer role playing game? 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