adidas Originals is back with yet another new version

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adidas Originals is back with yet another new version
After a monumental relaunch, the <a href="">womens adidas superstar 80s</a> has reclaimed it's solid place in the market. Numerous collaborations and nostalgic nods have kept the shoe exciting and with the shoe being so adaptable, there's no way it'll ever fall off.It's simplistic upper and familiar sole unit are just two elements that make it distinct but swapping the lacing for velcro, adidas Originals present a version with Comfort in mind. Despite this remastered element, nothing is taken away and the velcro is a nice alternative more than a drastic change. Adding further appeal adidas have opted for a textured leather upper, keeping the colourway the same for tradition's sake. Limited numbers are now available priced at £70. After making it's welcome return at the beginning of last year, the <a href="">adidas superstar 80s</a> has elevated to dizzying heights. Once again the Stan is the go-to man for clean and simple footwear and a real flagship for the adidas brand. Last year everyone from Pharrell Williams to Raf Simons tried their hand at making their original but for this one adidas have kept it in-house.Drawing upon on what makes the shoe great, adidas have made this one a tonal affair with a clean white spanning the entire shoe. The only break from the smooth leather is the subtle perforations and the embossing of the iconic Stan Smith portrait. A real minimalist affair and one that gives the tennis classic a real luxe aesthetic. Applying Yamamoto's edgy aesthetics to the iconic <a href="">adidas stan smith women</a> Silhouette, the "Stan Zip" is a culmination of the past and the future. Whilst the core DNA has been retained through the sole unit, colouring and general profile, the edge comes courtesy of two zips integrated into the upper. With both the left and right sides of the shoe having the ability to zip away, this lacing panel conceals embossed YAMAMOTO lettering and accentuates the futuristic feel of the laser cut upper. Furthermore, the design also includes lettering to the in-sole, a branded zip pull and a reinforced panel offering support around the heel. Following the same path as the Raf Simons Stan Smith, Yohji Yamamoto's version adds an all new element that will see the shoe adopted by those with an eye for detail.
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