Aquire best wow gold with 7% off on safewow for Chritmas

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Aquire best wow gold with 7% off on safewow for Chritmas
Okay, so I've buy wow gold cheap never had DSL service before, Internet service at all in fact. So I'm looking around, and where I live I don't get service from very many broadband ISPs. Anyway, I come across AT DSL service. I'm already an AT phone customer, so I qualified for their Pro package (3.0 mbps; faster than dial up?! Yes!). Plus I even get $50 cash back, free modem after mail in rebate if I ordered online, and a 24 month price guarantee. So I think, oooh shiny! Free router plus some of my money back? Sign me up! So I wait and get recon on the Pro package. I order online at my cousin's house on 4/13/09. My activation date was scheduled on 4/20/09. About three days later, the UPS man pulls into my drive way, and gives me the modem. I was so excited, I immediately rip open the box and got to work wiring my house. Now all I had to do was wait. My service was to activate on the 20th of April '09 at 8:00 pm. It didn't happen. I call AT Customer Support around 8:30 pm. The first guy had me rewiring my system. The second guy said it should come on by morning, otherwise call by 8:00 am to report it. Doesn't come on. And it's the 21st. I call again and this time a lady says something of not being in the system. Wow, that's convenient. She said they would get a team on it and call me within 8 hours. After about 4 hours, I call again. Another lady said I ordered DSL back in 2008! I'm like what? She put me on hold for 10 minutes. I hung up, and tried again. This time a lady links me over to tech support. This guy also tried to get me to rewire my system. I don't think they understood my explanation of my system. Then, he links me over to another guy and he said my activation date was negotiated on the 24th and I might get it earlier. Looking at the setup manual at the same time, I come across some questions about my system setup. I asked him and he said my system was slightly wrong and I needed to fix it. I fixed it after the call and now I'm waiting for the activation light on my modem to turn green, because it's been blinking red. I dashed to my room, and sure enough it was flashing green. I turn my computer on to check it out. By the time Windows logs me in, and my desktop appears, the light goes back to red. I'm like "Nooooo!". I figured something was fishy, because it was to be solid green, not flashing green, blink once red, flashing green, blink once red, etc. I surmised that AT must be working on it, getting a burst of DSL data to my house. I checked the website at school, and chatted with an agent. She said that meant they were working on it. This article is being typed at my school, not at my house like I would wish. I'm not mad at AT really, but does this happen to customers sometimes, or am I just lucky? I just wanted DSL, not a bunch of problems. I just hope AT is reading by chance, and are able to keep this from happening to other customers. Welcome to join in Safewow Christmas promotion. Using 7% off code "HCD7" to buy WOW GOLD US/EU on safewow from December 20 to December 28. While safewow new member system is also online ,Hurry up to be a new member and you can gain extral 1%-8% discount for buying any Product. Safewow WOW GOLD link:
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