Beta testers need a bug report folder with sub folders

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Beta testers need a bug report folder with sub folders

Beta testers need a bug report folder or Bug Subject folder.
So far been putting stuff in the Network folder Latency subject.

Would be nice to have a Specific Bug reporting folder then sub topics like Latency, Audio config, Hardware, Software, OS, Sound Card)

Also would be REALLY nice is a bug report template.
(not that there are any bugs, but just in case)


Jamlink crashes with no visual indication there has been a crash.

MAC OS X 10.5.8
G 5 Dual 1.8

Reproducable % Unkown

Steps to reproduce
1) Start a Jamlink jam session
2) Add a another user,
3) Use the software for 30-60 min
4) During use, make changes to the sample rate and jitter settings
5) Open the cmd prompt and make some changes to the Volume default
6) Open a browser check webs pages
7) At some point (unkown) the sound becomes distorted and possible echo
8) The Jamlink must be rebooted and the Jamlink GUI must be relaunched.

Jamlink should show an indication in the GUI and or the Jamlink unit that the it has stopped functioning and a restart is required.

Unit sounds distorted and may be have echo present (your local sound but using Jamlink headphones) All users hear a garbled sound. At that point the Jamlink has gone down. Restart is rquired.