Can't hear him but he can hear me-Please help

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Can't hear him but he can hear me-Please help

I'm in Portland, OR, and I'm trying to jam with a bass player(Keenan) in San Francisco.

He can hear himself and me, but I only hear myself, not him.
In the past, I've successfully connected with someone near SF, and I'm using the same connections as then.

On my last trip to SF, I visited Keenan's flat with my Jamlink and laptop. We both hooked up to the 604 and successfully jammed from different rooms.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Here are the specs:

San Francisco (Keenan)
JL w/1.0.001u firmware
Active Bass (plenty of signal) > 1/4" input on JL
Headphones > headphone output on JL

D-link 604>Jamlink
11.5Mbps Down/3.5Mbps Up

First generation Macbook Pro, OS X Leopard.
JL w/1.0.001u firmware
JL control displays: jL0001bb v1.0.001u
Analog mixer aux 1 (sending keyboards and backing tracks)> JL 1/4" input
Headphones> headphone output on JL

Comcast cable modem>Apple Airport Extreme>JL
30Mbps Down/5Mbps Up

Mac Pro, Snow Leopard 10.6.7.

We've tried switching browsers, multiple restarts, multiple days.
There was one occasion in which Keenan couldn't hear me, and then all of a sudden he could, with no known change in configuration.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Just had the same problem last night. The first time we connected, I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me. We ended up both rebooting the JamLink, logged out, logged back in again, and then when we connected, everything worked just fine.

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Hi We just bought the JamLink system and we can hear ourselves but cannot hear each other and are both in the SF Bay Area. I have Comcast modem and Apple Airport Extreme as well w/ 100MB Down. Is there something you had to configure port wise in the AirPort Utility? I read some of these instructions on another post and implemented but it resulted in an amber run light and had to remove the port options and reset Jamlink so I'm back to square one. Also -- I cannot get my system to recognize my Jamlink within the AirPort Utility in the network menu. Any help is appreciated and this is certainly not plug and play.
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Hi Brent: I am an early adopter and beta tester of the jamLinks. Did you figure out the problem? Your internet access is listed as Internet2. Are you on a university campus? If so, I believe you will need to contact the network admin for the building or area of campus and ask them to register the jamLink on the network. Also, you will probably need to manually recognize the jamLink by typing the IP address into a browser in order to get to the control screen. I hope this helps. Synthia
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