Connecting Guitar and Vocals from One Location

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Connecting Guitar and Vocals from One Location
Hi- I am new to this and trying to set up a jam possibility for about 200 miles distance. I want to run a microphone for lead vocals and a guitar for rhythm through the jam link to a band setting where my drum player, base, keyboard, and lead guitar are at. Do I need two JL boxes at my location? How would I route microphone AND guitar out of my spot? Thanks in advance! Greg
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One way to do it is if you have a mixer. You can run both your guitar and vocals through that and then from your mixer out to your JL. So no need for two JL boxes. I currently have my Keyboard and microphone running through my Behringer UB1204 mixer and it works pretty well. Lemme know if you need help.
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Greg if you are still in need of advice...Just run everything you want to project online through a small 4 track mixer then run a stereo rca to 2.2mm and all will be well! This site has been abandoned it seems. I am a bass player in Chico ca if you want to try it out or whatever! Samson