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Connection drops constantly
My band (and myself) are in northern California and our singer is southern California. We connect and everything will work fine for ~15-30 minutes and then we will stop being able to hear him, but he can hear the band just fine. At this point, I cannot connect to the JamLink anymore via my web browser (Chrome on Mac) to try to look at the status page or do anything - it is just hung. I have to unplug the JamLink to restart it, quite and re-open my browser and then it will work fine again for 15-30 minutes. Anyone else having this kind of problem and have a solution. It makes it hard to be productive when you lose your vocalist every 15 minutes. Here's our status screens (before our connection dies). NORCAL id tman dcarr70 mac 00:1C:BB:00:03:58 00:1C:BB:00:03:57 ip port 4464 4464 sample rate 16 16 received 66073 transmitted 66144 played 66067 dropped 76 late 0 overruns 1 underruns 64 saturation SOCAL id dcarr70 tman mac 00:1C:BB:00:03:57 00:1C:BB:00:03:58 ip port 4464 4464 sample rate 16 16 received 44878 transmitted 44905 played 43358 dropped 1520 late 0 overruns 321 underruns 502 saturation
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I have the same problem. I've been improvising from Santiago, Chile with a singer in Kansas City, Missouri. After 5 or 10 minutes the connection drops. We must then logout, restart the Jamlink, login and play for another 5 min.
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just heard from jamLink admins who suggest logging into your router and enabling "DMZ", if it is available. this might resolve the problem for some. let us know here if it worked for you.
I just used my jam link for the first time and had the same problem. My connection dropped out after 10 or 15 minutes. All that was required to get it back was to logon again but that's not a good thing.
I'm happy to report that changing browsers fixed my problem. I had been using Safari on a mac. Firefox worked fine.
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My problem is noise/dropout at a consistent tempo, like a square wave gate from just one terminal. But the other two guys hear each other and me just fine. I've made the recommended router adjustment and should find out tonight if that helps.