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Faster Tech Support

I've been waiting all day long for some kind of reply regarding a log in situation.

We bought 4 jam links at once so only have one user name.

Called the 408 number and left a messege, emailed support and even marketing. No replies yet.

There really needs to be a registration feature added to the web page for situations like this.


Sorry to all for any delays in Tech Support responses. Making sure you have a great experience with the jamLink is really important to us, and we want to get you all up and playing as soon as possible. We are committed to doing the best possible job in responding to your issues given our resources as a small startup company, and we will continue to improve our response times to your issues.

To prevent as many problems and delays up front as possible, we would like to extend an invitation to all jamLink users to a free 30-minute walk-through of basic jamLink setup and operation. Just send an email to requesting a time to work with us to get you going and answer any questions you might have.




I had this same problem. If your other users go through as if they are buying a new jamlink, then cancel the transaction, they will be forced to create a new account in the process.

I agree there should be a register button to make this easier.


We actually just added a "Join Now" link on the front page so that users can join the site without having to purchase a jamLink or be invited by a Friend. The "Join Now" link can be found at the top of the Front Page above the "username" login field.

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