GGG announced the Bestiary Changes In PoE Patch 3.2.1

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GGG announced the Bestiary Changes In PoE Patch 3.2.1
In Path of Exile, GGG are currently working to release Patch 3.2.1 around the middle of this week. It contains many Bestiary League improvements, which you can read about in this post. Please note that the below list is not the full patch notes, and it's certainly not the last of the changes to this league. It's what GGG are going to have ready and tested for the middle of this week. 1. Net Drops: GGG have also reduced net drops from bosses so that they drop regular items like before (it had a measurable effect). 2. Net Throw Speed: GGG have increased how quickly you can throw nets. It'll now be easier to quickly fire one off in combat without risking stopping for as long. 3. Recipe Sort Order: The most interesting recipes are now always at the top of the crafting window, so that it's easier to find them. The big lists of leveling items and rares are further down the bottom and aren't hiding any special ones. 4. Beast Trading: 3.2.1 allows you to trade beasts with other players! Just buy a Bestiary Orb from Einhar, travel to your Menagerie and use it on a beast in a cage. It'll convert the beast to an item which can then be listed on trade sites and traded to other players using the secure trade screen. 5. New Recipes: Their intention is to add some new crafting recipes in 3.2.1 and then keep adding new recipes to keep challenging expectations for crafting throughout the league. GGG have also planning many bug fixes and improvements to Bestiary play in parties (such as indicating when you successfully captured a beast, as it can be hard to tell with other players around). This isn't everything GGG is working on, but is all of the Bestiary improvements that will be tested and ready to release this week. Once 3.2.1 is deployed, they'll keep making further improvements to the league. This post applies to the PC version of 3.2.1. There's a lot Path of Exile news on, so be sure to check out if you want to know.
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