How Can You Defeat The PoE Minotaur

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How Can You Defeat The PoE Minotaur
In Path of Exile, do you know what's the Minotaur? The Minotaur is one of the four Guardians. It is not as simple as to buy poe currency, if you don't know the Minotaur, you will pose a tremendous challenge. With the following tips, you will get things simple. First up, The Minotaur has a number of powerful attacks in his arsenal that can be pretty devastating, boasting both Physical and Lightning Damage, whilst he's also granted immunity to Stun, Freeze, Chill, and Bleeding. Evasion will be key in this battle, so you'll want to watch out for his Sweep, Overhead Slam and Burrow abilities, because they're going to hurt if they connect. What's worse, the spawning cave-ins can cause a one-hit kill as you succumb to falling rocks, so keep an eye out or at least stock up on Life Leech in case you get lucky and manage to survive the attack. The Minotaur will be activating Lightning Barriers throughout, so make sure you have plenty of flasks handy, and keep the distance between you and the boss wherever possible. Time your attacks and keep evasion at the forefront of your tactics, and The Minotaur will soon be done for. Bear in mind that Touching a lightning wall applies a debuff that reduces attack speed, cast speed and movement speed. It also shocks and deals lightning damage over time. Probably the above method is not the best, but certainly for you to help. Want to know more beginner's guide, please visit
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