Is it working for you?

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Is it working for you?

I'm in central Florida and my buddy is near Atlanta, about 500 miles away. This seems like a perfect way to jam together more often if it works. Is there anyone using this device with good results at this distance? I wouldn't expect it to be perfect all the time, but if it's pretty reliable I'd have no problem at all shelling out the money for a few of these devices.
I'd appreciate your comments.


I purchased a Jamlink along with my old college bandmates for a reunion show. I'm in Massachusetts and they other guys are in CT, NJ, and NY. We're all within about 300 mi and it worked pretty well - BUT was susceptible to network congestion since the other guys had cable and are in densely populated neighborhoods.

We learned to listen to our own "time" rather than listen to everyone else and were fine - once we did that the delay was tolerable. When we rehearsed in person, we ended up being much tighter - somehow learning how to deal with the latency actually helped! Probably due to concentrating harder over Jamlink.

Sound quality was great - it's amazing these things work as well as they do.

I have FIOS and word is that a Jamlink session between FIOS customers is almost like being in the same room.

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