Issues with Firmware? [ New Forum? - Bugs & Glitches ]

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Issues with Firmware? [ New Forum? - Bugs & Glitches ]

Not sure, but tonight when I was on the "Link" with J Black, it seemed like it made it worse when I updated to the new Firmware 1.0...

So, I just reverted back to the old Firmware 0.7... and it worked much better!!

Anyone else have that issue?

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Yes, I had the same issue! There were non-stop pops and clicks (just as another user describes in another post) that were driving me crazy! Reverting back to the old firmware (0.7...) fixed them almost completely.

EDIT: Well I hear now that 0.7 was having trouble and moving back to 1.0 got rid of them from someone who did a separate test! Ah!

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