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NEW - Getting Started Guide

This is a PDF of the jamLink Getting Started Guide. This documentation should be all you need to get up and running on the jamLink. We appreciated and welcome all comments regarding the Getting Started Guide.

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Shouldn't I see a signal in jamLink Console when I plug my instrument into the 1/4" jack? The signal is not audible via headphones either.
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i'd love to connect with you dubnemo. please accept my friend request.
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There are also new "Getting Started" videos in the "FAQ's" section of .. they should prove to be be very helpful !
Has anyone had problems with launching Jamlink? My box is being properly recognized by the website, but when I click on it in the Launch box, nothing happens.
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Had any responses to this? I'm having the same issue.
I have been doing an assessment concerning this issue, and for three days I continue entering battles that should have what I am looking for, just to be impressed with the nonattendance of what I required.
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