New to JamLink, Looking to jam

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New to JamLink, Looking to jam
Hey Everyone, My JamLink arrived today. Thinking about using these for my band but I wanted to try it out and get a feel for jamming online. No sense in buying 4 JamLinks if they don't work very good. I've previously tried JamKazam. Great interface but the lag was intolerable. Hoping the lag is minimal with JamLink. So, long story short, I'm a drummer looking for ANYONE to jam with so I can see what this thing can do. Friend me if you need a drummer for your jam session and have the patience to work with someone who has never used a JamLink before. mmurphy
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Hey MMurphy, Got my jamlink a couple of days ago. I'm in the same situation. My bandmates are in Wisconsin and we want to try on-line rehearsal.. but want to test out the device first (before buying 2 more). Hey, send me a message when you're free and we could set a time. I'm located in the Chicagoland area/Illinois (US) CST - currently it's about 7pm on Friday by me. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you! Mike