New Users, fill out your user account, bio info ect!!!

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New Users, fill out your user account, bio info ect!!!
I am a new user to Jam link, just got hooked up actually... While doing searches for users in my area, I am finding that very few users have their BIO info filled in. It's really helpful to ALL jamlink users EVERYWHERE if you take the time to fill out your BIO, and all other related User Information in the "ME" page of the Webpage. Just click the "Edit" link when you get there and fill those fields out! your location information is especially important so users close to you can potentially connect with you locally and preferably, over connecting with someone else, halfway around the world. (Potential Latency issues the further away you are from another user.) On the last page of the User info, there are a bunch of check boxes for your "Goals". Helpful if you select at least one, IE: "I am looking for musicians for my project." I would like to see a new check box option here for "I am just looking for friends to Jam with." If you are a new user, or a longtime jamlink user, PLEASE FILL OUT ALL YOUR USER/BIO INFO PEOPLE. My two cents! Don.
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It's important for users to fill out their BIO info on the webpage. Please take a moment to complete your profile, including your location. This helps users connect with you locally and reduces latency issues if you still facing issues try connecting to help with university assignment [ ].
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