Non-stop popping and clicking.

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Non-stop popping and clicking.

I have sent this to support as well, but maybe someone who has some advice might read this, or someone with the same problem could chime in.

I set up our first 2 jamlinks tonight, about 30 miles apart. We both have cable modems, advertised as 2Mbps up, 12 Mbps down.

When playing together, we get constant clicking. Increasing the jitter setting reduces it, but it is still prevalent, and quite annoying. It is louder than the music. Increasing the jitter setting all the way to 12 results in latency that makes it hard to stay in sync.

Reducing the bit rate, even down to 8kHz, had no effect.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a router issue? Are we just out of luck because we have no better ISP options here in rural newengland (no FIOS or other high speed options).

Thanks for any help.

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In my experience you need to do the following
1) UPDATE THE FIRMWARE ASAP. This will greatly reduce popping and clicking
2) Remove any extra routers and or Firewalls.
3) Reboot the box. This includes a full power cycle and power off for a few minutes
4) Make sure before joining each other that you agree to a starting sample rate of 22k. Then you set yours to 22k and your partner the same then join each other.
5) Once stable and minimal clicking/popping you can then look at additional
increased sample rates.
6) If your network modem/router has wireless enabled, try disabling wireless.
7) Contact your ISP and verify that they do not throttle the bandwidth on your upload. Continued upstream may be seen by the ISP as a breach of contract and they will reduce your consistent upstream. Using the higher sample rates will cause this to occur on ISP that have this policy.
8) Isolate if one or both users are causing the pops/clicks. Simply solo
the channel that your one and see if you get clicks/pops, repeat for your jamming buddy. Then have him do the same.

Reply back as I am sure you can get this stable and reduce 90 % of clicks and pops

Best Regards
Jamdude1 (Mark)

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I had the same issue, non-stop pops with no luck changing jitter or sample rate settings (or any of the above suggestions, although they're not bad ideas for improving overall performance). Another poster suggested reverting from the newest firmware (1.0...) to the previous version (0.7...) and everything worked much better!

We had the best luck jamming at a sample rate of 44kHz with jitter set at 4 (seems above about 6 it gets hard to stay in time).

We were also trying to run iChat at the same time, which was a bad idea. :)

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