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At one point during MMOgo
At one point during Friday's Cavaliers-Rockets game, Jason Terry tried to get a good look at Sasha Kaun's jersey, presumably because he had no idea who Kaun was. To be fair, there are plenty of players in MMOgo the NBA whose names go unrecognized by fans and players alike, but Terry probably could've been more discreet here.(h/tAnanth Pandian)There's a new Latvian Kristaps Porzingis rap video and it's. Kristaps Porzingis hasn't just been one of the most entertaining players to watch in the NBA this season, he's opened up a whole cottage industry of amazing Latvian rap music about Kristaps Porzingis. Before the draft we heard one such gem, now "OLAS" has dropped the track "KEEP CALM LIKE KRISTAPS PORZINGIS," which is written in the distinctly non-calm all-caps format.Please note. It is clearly snowing, and yet one Lamborghini is a convertible and the other has its doors open.LATVIA DON'T GIVE AN EFF! Latvian dabbing! This happened. She looks like Joffrey dabbing. Vote Kristaps Porzingis as an All-Star. Vote him as everything. We need more Latvian rap.NBA scores 2016: Damian Lillard leads a Trail Blazers revival - Damian Lillard is the last Portland Trail Blazer standing. LaMarcus Aldridge, the heart and soul of Portland for more than five years, left the city to assimilate to the machine-like Spurs.Nicolas Batum and Robin Lopez are playing on the opposite coast after. Wesley Matthews has found greener pastures in Dallas after recovering from an Achilles injury. No, it's just Lillard now, carrying a team that was supposed to plummet towards the bottom of the Western Conference this season. They haven't. With a fourth quarter surge to beat the Brooklyn Nets 116-104 on Friday, the Trail Blazers are just a half-game behind the Utah Jazz for the
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