Path Of Exile Guide Of Tormented Spirit

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Path Of Exile Guide Of Tormented Spirit
Tormented Spirits are the spirits of tormented criminals in PoE that yield their ill - gotten gains when slain. Eager to protect their trove, these spirits flee when encountered and imbue nearby monsters with dangerous powers, which improves their poe item drops. It's also possible for spirits to possess rare and unique enemies, greatly increasing their threat (and value) to treasure-seeking exiles. If they encounter rare or unique monster while fleeing, they crawl inside him and possess it, making the monster way more dangerous. Multiple Tormented spirits can possess one monster and sometimes possessed monster can surprise you with the amount of damage it does. The various spirits have differing modifiers that they themselves possess as a spirit, in addition to effects that they bestow on normal and magic monsters that they touch, as well as a powerful modifier that they grant to any rare or unique mobs that they possess (a single monster can be possessed by more than one spirit). Any mob that is bestowed or possessed by a spirit gains a modifier (Spirit's Touch/Grip) based on the spirit that bestowed them, in addition to some slight increase to movement, attack and cast speeds, as well as significantly increased IIQ and IIR. Modifiers are shown in green. If a tormented spirit is killed, it is guaranteed to drop one rare item. If a rare monster is possessed, at least two rare items are guaranteed to drop, and if a unique monster is possessed, at least three rare items are guaranteed to drop. A Tormented Spirit that is not killed and does not find a monster to possess will eventually break its bonds and vanish, leaving no items. Spirits that do possess a monster will not vanish. The actual easy way to get double Tormented Spirit challenge: If you don't wanna hope for the double prophecy you can do this on the T8 map Shore. 4 easy steps: Get to the boss. Drop boss to 50%, he will then spawn a spirit, let it infest him. Drop him to 25% after the ghost infested him, he then will spawn a second ghost. Kill him and get the easy double spirit challenge PLUS it's one of the encounters for another challenge. Happy hunting for that Abyss portal, fellow Exiles. There's a lot more players guide on, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe currency buy, you will get more gains.
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