From Quebec City to St-Prime, 160 miles

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From Quebec City to St-Prime, 160 miles

Hello, we bought two jam link a week ago and made a couple of sessions to test the latency. We've been experiencing with ejamming, ninjam and jacktrick before with problems regarding stability.

Overall, the quality of audio and stability of the signal is great. We are able to work at 44Khz with jitter under 3 without clicks and pops.

Only one problem, the latency is not as low as we expected. We are at 160 miles from each others so we tought we were well under the 500 miles limit at 25ms. From our calculation, we have a 50ms stable delay wich is a little too much to play in sync.

Our setup

We have a studio on one side with 3 musicians, drum, bass, keyboards / guitar hooked up to a console with each tracks going to Pro Tools as well as being monitored through headphones. A mix form that console is going to the jamlink. The return from jamlink is going to the console and pro tools also, so we are able to record our jam sessions with separate tracks. We are working with a click track.

On the other side we have our Singer / Guitarist also hooked up to a console so he can monitor himself and our feed through headphone as well.

The results

One good thing is if we don't listen to our singer / guitarist and record the jam, we are able to shift his track after the recording and everything is in sync because the delay is always the same.

So for us for now, it's usable for remote recording of tracks but not for live rehearsal.

We have a d-link ebr-2310 on one side and a d-link DI-604 on the other side.

From others experiences, is there something we can do to lower the latency ?

Salut Jasmin, Utilisez-vous toujours le JamLink? Je suis intéressé à faire la même tentative, avec mon bassiste qui est à Alma et moi à Québec. As-tu réussi à réduire e temps de latence afin de pratiquer? Bye.