Roland v-Drums

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Roland v-Drums

Hey, if anybody has had experience using these drums through the JL module, how did you handle the low frequency that causes a punch/pop through the headphones from the kick drum when the volume is turned up a bit?

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Vdrums work fine
Make sure you check youe gain stage. You will get audible clicks and pops
and distortion if too much input gain.

You need to amplify the out put by connecting the Jamlink output (headphone) to a mixer and or external headphone amp to get enough gain
for good monitoring.


LOL-- This is exactly what I had trouble with, and your solution of using the headphone amp is pretty much the only solution that works.

I did notice that it's not just low-end that causes the clicks/pops. It seems to be more of the "amount of sound" coming through. For instance, if I run an MP3 player through the mic input and the V-Drums through the instrument with each of them turned about medium volume, neither one crackles by itself. But start playing along to the MP3, and then the snare and kick cause the clipping even though the volume levels are low.

So it seems like the DAC in the Jamlink is having too much of a hard time converting the complex waveform from analog to digital and back and is just dropping the ball.

I have to crank the volume really, really low on both the V-Drums and the MP3 player to prevent clipping, and even then, it still happens. So this isn't a gain/overdrive issue at all.

Of course, by the time the clipping goes away, the volume is so low as to be barely audible, hence the need for a powerful headphone amp.

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