Semi-catatonic device??

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Semi-catatonic device??

I have two jL boxes. With one, I can plug it in, the run light turns orange, I log in to my account on, put in the MAC addr, click on the IP, and get connected.

With the other box, it all goes the same up to the "click on the IP" stage. Then firefox forever (?) sits there "Waiting for "...

Same ethernet wire, same router port, same power supply, same everything else except the jL box.

Would this indicate the jL box is b0rken?
Anything I can do here, or is it a "send it back" situation?
(FWIW, I have multimeters, screwdrivers, pliers, soldering irons, 8-pound hammers, ...)



Try connecting to the 2nd jamLink with another browser. So if you are currently using Firefox with the 1st jamLink, try connecting to the 2nd jamLink with safari or IE.

There is a known bug with two jamLinks behind the same firewall. You can try to fix this by rebooting your router and trying again. A router reboot will sometimes fix this. We are working to make multiple jamLinks behind the same firewall behave more consistently.

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So, I'm a new Jamlink user and was just curious as to what a person would use multiple JL's for behind the same firewall?