Why is there no activity on these forums?

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Why is there no activity on these forums?

Is there anybody out there?
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I tried eJamming before shelling out for a jamLink. Technology-wise, the jamLink is superior in my opinion. But eJamming does seem to have a better social networking schema in that you can easily see who else is currently online, what they play, whether they are looking for people to join them, etc. Or you can keep your session private if you wish. This is exactly why I suggested a public/private option for MusicianLink that, in real time, lets people easily see other people who are open to playing together. Of course, with any service the key is how many people use it, but if you have the superior technology and the superior user interface (not to mention the superior pricing model) you're likely to win the war.


Have any of you compared this to ejamming? I have been using that for a couple of years, but it is kind of dead right now. Seems like people do not want to continue paying for something with so few people on it.

So there is no lobby on this to see if there are other people looking to jam with someone?

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I think people are just jamming with people they know. :)


Your exactly right. This needs to be opened up as a social jam network like ninjam. There should be some way to have jam rooms were people can come and go.

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Perhaps one simple way to facilitate this would be if the Chat feature had two modes: public and private. In the public mode, you could chat with anyone who is online (and presumably has enabled public chat). As people meet, they can then set up a jam together. In the private mode, it could work like it does now, where you are only visible to and can chat with Friends.

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I have to agree, as a new jamlink user I haven't hooked up with anyone to play with yet. I've requested a number of adds just by searching for users on the map who are near me, but nothing yet. If anyone is looking for someone to jam with, regardless of distance just to try and get something going feel free to hit me up. Robert rbuecker
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hey robert - let's exchange emails - then it will be easier to communicate. synthia (dot) payne (at) gmail (dot) (com)
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hey man, I'm new to jamlink just got mine today 9-7-13. Down for jammin. I play guitar and my buddy has a jamlink too he's a drummer. Let me know
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I've created a facebook group for jamlink users, since there's so little activity here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jamlinkusersgroup/
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Seems to me that the search function is a little cumbersome. When I use the advanced search for members, I get results and can access them, but I don't see a "view next" option on the page. Instead, you have to go back, redefine the parameters for the search and do it all again. Would be more convenient if you had something along the lines of a popup from the results list page when you click on the user. It also appears that the member list is only accurate as of June 2013. Seems to me that this should be a real-time function that would update upon the creation of a new profile.
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I'M ON RIGHT NOW! Friend me.
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Anyone interested in improvising with Chilean musicians? I belong to a band called Tierra de Larry www.tierradelarry.cl in the Music Department of the Universidad de Chile. We got Jamlinks for beta testing in a net concert with the University of Utah a couple of years ago. I would love to improvise with anyone interested to try with our group or just me to see if it works with a normal home Internet bandwhith. Best
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hello! I am an early adopter, evangelist, and tester of jamLinks. I just sent you a friend request. Currently, I live in Kansas City and have Google Fiber's gigabit internet in my studio. You don't need gigabit to jam with me, but the more bandwidth you have the better. Most recently I was in residence at the Struer Music School in Denmark, teaching workshops with jamLink to teachers and students from 10 different music schools in the West Jutland region. They might be interested in some collaboration. I collaborate with several different universities and individuals. Please let me know if you would like to do some testing and/or jamming.
I am an early adopter too, have lots of bandwidth I think (100MBps down, 25mbpbs up) can't get above 44.1 and 4-6 jitter latency setting to get a clean connection with just one other partner and they have similar bandwidth - its cable, but come on, that's plenty of bandwidth Try out Jamtaba (ala Ninjam, but also now live rooms and free) and definitely have a look into ohmstudio for music collaboration - over 100,000 users over 100,000 projects - cloud based DAW with social networking - it ain't perfect either, but its getting there.
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I'm wondering if this company is alive? I've tried calling them to order three Jamboxes, nobody answers, neither in support and have sent e-mails with no response. Doesn't give me a good feeling to spend the money on the technology. Does anybody know what's going on with them?
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Ordered 3 units last week. I did reach someone they said they were having issues with Dhl getting the units in to ship. I get a call he says they will go out Monday. Haven't heard anything no luck contacting anyone by e mail or phone. Not looking good.
well, I tried Jam Kazam and the social networking side is fantastic. The tech side is not working. They are coming out with a hardware solution that sounds similair to Jamlink. I am just loathe to pay for it 4 months in advance with not assurance that it will work. I think that jamlink works (I think) but all users must be on it which could be an issue. And from what i am reading, it might not be running for much longer, and there is no network of users to play with. Very disheartening. Might have to fall back to Craigslist to find players....
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Got my jam links today , review to come
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just got jam link hooked up with my buddy this is awesome got help from my son has bachelor in cisco sounds like i am back in the studio again
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Hi Jeff, I just hooked jamlink up two days ago. I'm new to jamlink but have been playing bass for a few years. I'm testing this out for my band and want to give this gizmo a test drive (10-15 minutes), but I need a drummer and/ or guitarist to jam with. You folks up for a short jam? Thanks Captain! Mike