Long Distance Rehearsal & Writing

"Overlorde Uses the JamLink for Rehearsals and Writing Sessions"

Underground U.S. Power Metal veterans, OVERLORDE, originally formed in New Jersey in 1985.

After the release of their critically acclaimed CD titled "Return of the Snow Giant" in 2006, two of the four members relocated to Southern states: drummer David Wrenn to the Tampa, FL area and bassist John "Kong" Bunucci to South Carolina. Guitarist Mark "M.E." Edwards and Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas remained just a few minutes from each other in central NJ.

Having seen a TV commercial around 2011 for a broadband provider featuring a band rehearsing over the internet, Mark started looking into the technology to make the commercial fantasy possible. He eventually found the jamLink by MuscianLink, and really liked the idea of a standalone networked audio interface as opposed to using conferencing software on a PC.  Mark was hopeful that the jamLink technology could allow the dispersed band members to stay rehearsed for shows while also giving them more time to write new material for their next CD.

As mentioned above, the band members are spread out in along an 1,100 mile line down the Eastern Seaboard from New Jersey through South Carolina to Florida.  This is generally further than the standard recommended distance for “in-the-room” playing using jamLinks.  Nevertheless, all of the Band’s members have high-bandwidth Internet service, and after conferring with the team at MusicianLink, it was decided that the jamLink could really allow them to rehearse and write much more frequently with less time and travel investment. If it did not work, the units could be returned within a 30-day period. 

So in January 2013, the band purchased three units. Dave, John and Mark each got one, with Bobby going to Mark's studio to double-up on his jamLink for the rehearsals. It didn't take long before the band was rehearsing and writing across the 1,100 miles as if they were in the same room. And for jamming on new riffs "off the cuff" it was a total success!

Their individual setups are fairly simple.  Dave uses a set of Yamaha DTXreme drums which he plugs straight into his JamLink. John plugs his Steinberger bass directly in to his unit. Mark sends an amp-emulated signal from his Marshall AVT150 head, plus the line from Bobby's vocal microphone, to a mixer which sends a combined signal to Mark's jamLink. 

For monitoring, the JamLink output is stereo even though the remote Internet channels are mono. This allows Mark to pan the drums and bass hard right and left, and lets him send each signal to a different location in his studio. In his case, he sends the drums to his P.A. system, and the bass to a Peavey 300 combo bass amp. The result is a sound as vibrant as any heard in a normal rehearsal. This also allows Mark to record the rehearsals (his DAW of choice being Steinberg Cubase 7), giving each instrument its own track. Recording the rehearsals allows the band to go back and review new riffs and song ideas they come up during rehearsal. 

MusicianLink’s JamLink Internet Audio Interface is a definite game-changer for Overlorde!