Musicians Rehearse Over the Internet using the jamLink

'in the room' feel with almost no discernible latency

The Virtualosity Duo regularly performs classical chamber music, and consists of Dr. Christa Garvey [Associate Professor of Oboe,
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and
Principal oboist of the 
Eau Claire Chamber
Orchestra) and Dr. Karen Atria [Bassoon and
Music Faculty, Otterbein, Denison
and Ohio
Wesleyan Universities).

Drs. Garvey amd Atria rehearse using a pair of
jamLinks across a distance of 650 miles,

between studios in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and
Columbus, Ohio. Says Dr. Garvey,

"Like promised, the jamLink system does
create 'in the room' feel with almost no
discernible latency."

Listen to recordings of the Virtualosity Duo at

and read more about Dr. Garvey's projects and teaching at and